Recent works by Alice Nakamura


Ro for 20 stringed-koto and 17 stringed-koto (2019)

Honey muffins, No sugar, Spring flavors for Mandolin, Pianoforte, Guiter, Electric Bass, Drums (2018)

KATASHIRO from The Tale Of Genji for Soprano, Tenor and Pianoforte (2017)
The horns of the Megaloceros for Mezzo soprano and Pianoforte (2017)
Wind Channel for Alto saxophone and Pianoforte (2016)
The Floating Distance for Pianoforte (2016)
An Episode from Taketori Monogatari for Women’s chorus (2016)
Miracle (2015)
Phra-a-phay-ma-nii for Men’s chorus (2015)
Nacres for Orchestra (2013/2015)
Weew Wow for Wind Orchestra and Strings (2015)
32.7℃ for Vibraphone(with Cymbal) and Pianoforte (2013)
RCH(NH2)COOH for Clarinet in B♭and Pianoforte (2010/2013)
Pincushion protea for Clarinet in B♭, Vibraphone and Pianoforte (2011)

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